Fix Air Conditioning in Car

The car air conditioner is piece of multiple components of machinery that seems more cooler. air conditioner is designed to remove hot air from car by pushing fresh air. This keeps tempered small space.

While each brand and model of car is different, this article will tell you basics of how to fix air conditioning in car. Be aware of signs that there is problem with air conditioning. No cold at all, or lack of cold air are main signs that there is something wrong with your air conditioner.

Fix Air Conditioning in Car

Know parts of car’s air conditioner. Basically, there are 5 major components to air conditioning system compressor, refrigerant, condenser, expansion valve and dryer or evaporator. Learn what each part of air conditioner does.

compressor is power unit of air conditioner and it pumps out refrigerant, which is chemical gas that condenses at low temperature. condenser is what is used to change refrigerant to liquid form, while dryer or evaporator turns that liquid into cold air. expansion valve removes any pressure from condensed refrigerant and moves it into evaporator.

Check to see if refrigerant is leaking. Use fluorescent dye that you can purchase at auto parts store like Autozone or NAPA. Follow directions of that particular dye.

Generally, you will add dye through low pressure A/C recharge port located on car’s A/C canister.

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How to Fix Air Conditioning in Car

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