Fix Acrylic Bathtub

An acrylic bathtub has clean and modern look, but it is so susceptible to being scratched as any tray or picture frame acrylic or other plastic product used in the home. To set to zero acrylic bathtub, fill and zero polish the surface to remove any visible to the naked eye. You will have some household goods, along with buyd at the hardware store.

Moisten a soft cloth with a household cleaner containing ammonia. Wipe cloth dampened above zero and surroundings to remove dirt and loose dirt. Clean zero and the surrounding area with a soft, dry cloth.

Fix Acrylic Bathtub

Apply metal polish to clean edge of soft cloth. Place edge of cloth on scratch. Polish scratch with cloth in slow clockwise motion.

Stop polishing scratch after minute has elapsed. Moisten clean edge of soft cloth with tap water — not from bathtub, but from bathroom sink. Wipe scratch with moistened edge for two or three seconds.

Place sandpaper against one side of scratch. Push down on sandpaper as you move along length of scratch. Lift sandpaper off scratch when you reach end.

Repeat this procedure additional four times. Blow off scratch and surrounding area with your breath. Wipe scratch and surrounding area dry with soft cloth.

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How to Fix Acrylic Bathtub

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