Firm Up Eyelids With Facial Exercises

With age, skin naturally loses some elasticity, leading to sagging skin. If muscles are loosened, loss of elasticity is more noticeable, especially around eyes. However, cosmetic surgery to correct signs of aging is not required.

Instead, just spend few minutes day to exercise to create more youthful eyes. Sit comfortably with your back straight and feet flat on ground to prepare for session of eye exercise. Having mirror in front of you that you can easily see.

Firm Up Eyelids With Facial Exercises

Allow your hands to lie in your lap as you take few deep breaths to relax your shoulder, neck and facial muscles. Start with facial portion of yoga pose known as lion. Take deep breath through your nose.

Open your mouth widely and stick your tongue out, stretching it towards end of your chin. Open your eyes as widely as you can. Contract your throat muscles and exhale slowly through your mouth.

Repeat for few breaths, until your facial muscles feel invigorated. Press first and second finger of each hand on your temples. Slide them slightly back towards your hairline to create mild stretch.

Now open and close your eyes as quickly as you can for five seconds. Relax. Repeat exercise five times.

Close your eyes gently and allow your eye muscles to relax. With eyes still closed and your muscles relaxed, move your eyes up as if you’re trying to see ceiling. Hold for moment and then move your eyes down as if you’re trying to see floor.

Repeat this version 10 times, and then look as far to right and left as you can with your eyes closed 10 times. Lift your eyebrows as high as you can while keeping your eyes closed. With your eyebrows lifted, imagine stretching your upper eyelids as far down as possible.

In actuality, they won’t move much, but visualizing this stretch will tone muscles. Hold stretched position as you count to five, and then relax. Repeat exercise five times.

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How to Firm Up Eyelids With Facial Exercises

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