Find Out-Of-Date Bathroom Tiles

Old houses have charm, old houses have character. Yes, right Old houses also have mold, dry rot and outdated and hard to find and replace hardware, accessories and tiles. But we love em Restoration period houses is an art form that requires patience, passion and skill.

Each piece is like a treasure hunt to find one exactly right and tile vintage is no exception. The fact that you live in the vintage house, do not assume your tile is out of manufacture. Companies often follow popular lines for generations and bring back the old patterns.

Find Out-Of-Date Bathroom Tiles

first place to,look is home center nearest you. modern big-box store has impressive selection and might have what you need. Companies that specialize in tile may be your next best bet.

If your house happens to be historic or part of historic area company that installed your tile may still have some in box in basement as happened to prominent family nearby. They may at least have leads on where to check next. If all you need is one or two pieces to finish bathroom revamp of your dreams, consider having them made.

Small tile shops in art districts all across country sell their own handcrafted tiles and might be able to help you Once you’ve exhausted mainstream options, it’s time to go back alley. Try weekend flea markets or antique dealers and auctions. These are tight-knit communities, and conversation with one dealer may lead you to another dealer with exactly what you want.

Another option in vintage markets is salvage center. Generally run by charity, these home repair recyclers offer everything down to kitchen sink and frequently have boxes of reclaimed tile at bargain prices.

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How to Find Out-Of-Date Bathroom Tiles

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