Find Most Efficient Solar Panels

Visions of our cars, homes, machinery and electronics by sun shine are powered idealistic images of the future, but this future beginnings are happening now. Although the conversion entire civilization based on oil, coal and gas fuels solar power does not come without travail, solar panels, or modules, consisting of individual solar cells increase each year in the efficiency and reduction of costs. Solar system or solar panel mounted modules together.

As a fairly unregulated solar panel market is still comparing jumbled mix of standards and contrast, the evaluation of your solar modules both economy and energy efficiency help good purchase to ensure. Check efficiency on solar panel factory printing plate. In solar panel industry, efficiency relates how many kilowatts per sq.

Find Most Efficient Solar Panels

ft. of surface area each panel will produce. Efficiency ratings range from about 9.5 percent to 22 percent.

Look for efficiency rating of entire panel or module, not single solar cell. Typically, more efficient solar panels are more expensive, but they use less roof or yard space. Calculate kilowatt per year electricity output of your solar panels.

Although space needed to install solar panels is important, energy output as it relates to cost is top priority for many consumers. Review module’s factory-printed specification sheet, and ask your installer or dealer what expected kilowatt-per-year energy output is for your entire system. Multiply total output by number of years for which system is warranted — most have 25-year warranty — and divide by total system cost.

This calculation will indicate what it costs to run system each year. Adding extra panel or two of lower-priced, though less energy-efficient, system may be more cost-effective over time. Know PTC and STC rating of your solar panels.

PTC, initialism for PVUSA Test Conditions, or Photovoltaics for Utility Scale Applications, is national research and development project designed to field-test grid-connected solar panels. PTC rating designates that solar panels were tested in air temperatures and wind speeds that simulate real-world climate and solar conditions. Be aware that solar panel manufacturers issue STC, Standard Test Conditions, rating on their panels, which is assigned without independent testing and under less rigorous conditions.

PTC rating is always lower than STC rating and more accurate reflection of panel’s durability and performance.

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How to Find Most Efficient Solar Panels

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