Find Information on Solar Energy

to find information about solar energy, is easier, since this form of alternative energy is becoming increasingly popular. Internet is to start excellent place if you are considering going green by some solar panels Add to house or other building. Get latest research-based information before retiring from trusted sources on your solar journey.

This will allow you to make informed decisions and save money. Visit North Carolina Solar Center website. This site provides comprehensive information on all aspects of solar energy and provide useful information for people living in a country, not only North Carolina.

Find Information on Solar Energy

Here you will find fact sheets, information for workforce training and product testing information. center also provides technical assistance to homeowners and builders. Check out Solar Energy International.

This web-based educational resource will be of interest to those who want to learn more about solar energy. There is something here for everyone. Browse list of online and hands-on workshops offered around world for solar design and installation.

site features solar calculator to help you figure out what size system is right for you, and several other useful links to blogs and local organizations. There are resources for educators as well as sections for kids. Visit Duke University Smart Home program online.

website focuses on green living, including use of solar energy. You can view video featuring 6,000-square-foot solar home designed by students at Duke University. Take online tour of home to see working green features, including photovoltaic solar panels.

Students reside in home, which makes it living lab that demonstrates what can be achieved using solar energy and other green practices. Visit U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s website, where you will find overview of advantages of solar energy as renewable resource.

It has information on land resource use, air emissions, water resource use and water discharges associated with solar energy. Take trip to your local library. You will be able to find books, magazines and other resources on solar energy.

If your local library does not have what you need, ask if information can be ordered from another library.

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How to Find Information on Solar Energy

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