Find Easy to Follow Diet for Diabetes

If you are diabetic or have someone in your family who suffers from this disease is likely to have found healthy eating plan takes practice and planning. There are many ways to eat and still be able to maintain healthy level of glucose. Your diabetic diet should work with your lifestyle, maintaining healthy weight and improve your blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Proper nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle are vital to prevent further complications of diabetes. Add this to my Recipe Box. Consult dietitian or your doctor about different types of programs that educate their nutritional needs.

Find Easy to Follow Diet for Diabetes

Understand fully how diabetes works, and what you can do to keep your levels stable. Counting carbohydrates is one of best ways to control diabetes. This is simple task food nutrition labels on packaged or canned foods show you total carbohydrates per serving.

According to American Diabetes Association, you should aim for 45 to 60 g of carbohydrates at each meal. Frequent checks of your glucose level will guide you and your physician in knowing whether this number needs to be increased or cut down. Educate yourself about glycemic index for foods.

The index, sometimes called GI, measures how much each food raises your blood sugar level. Acquainting yourself with foods that are low or high on glycemic index is good way to recognize quickly which foods will benefit your diet. Create your meal on plate experienced diabetics use this visual aid to select foods to eat each meal.

Visually divide your plate in half, and then on one-half of plate, divide it again in half. This will give you one large section and two smaller ones. On largest section of plate, fill it with non-starchy vegetables, such as green beans, peppers, mushrooms or salsa.

In one of smaller sections, place starchy food such as whole grain bread, pretzels, beans and peas, corn or potatoes. In last remaining small section, place meat or protein serving such as eggs, tofu or cheese. Add healthy beverage and piece of fruit and now you have healthy diabetic meal.

Use Diabetes Food Pyramid, which can be found at American Diabetes Association website. This pyramid divides food into six groups and shows you portions that are allowed. If you eat minimum portions on pyramid this would be total of about 1600 calories per day.

Ask your physician what caloric range you should aim for.

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How to Find Easy to Follow Diet for Diabetes

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