Find Dermatologist to Treat Acne

Find dermatologist to help you win war against blackheads and pimples requires research, recommendations and plan. While acne management methods vary, from duration of treatment to type of drug used, dermatologist is trusted partner to keep your skin free of blemishes. If you are teenager with white spots or middle-aged woman fighting asthma attacks, best dermatologist to treat acne provide effective treatment regimen that is sensitive to your lifestyle, medical history and specific type of acne .

Order referral from your primary care physician. According to American Academy of Dermatology AAD, 40 to 50 million Americans are affected by acne. It is most common disorder of skin in US specialized in treatment and diagnosis of skin disorders dermatologist.

Find Dermatologist to Treat Acne

Because medical doctors classify acne in four grades using Pillsbury Classification method , your family physician will have recommendation of two to three professionals to treat your specific type of acne. Review your health insurance plan for recommended doctors within your preferred provider network. While insurance plans usually cover acne treatments and medications, recommended physician may not be member of your medical insurance network.

Call your insurance provider to determine number of dermatology specialists available in your area before scheduling appointment. Visit American Academy of Dermatology AAD for list of acne practitioners in your city. Founded in 1938, AAD represents more than 16,000 physicians worldwide.

Search AAD database by state, city, zip code or area code to find board certified dermatologist to treat your acne. Keep acne journal. Write notes in journal to present quick history of your acne flare-ups and eating habits to each dermatologist you interview.

Two weeks before your initial dermatology consultation, use this journal to capture your daily eating schedule, places on your body where you normally see breakouts, and any other information that may pertain to your acne condition. Set up free consultations with your top three dermatology practitioners. Inquire about specific methods used in your dermatologist’s acne treatment plan.

Ask dermatologist questions about his qualifications and specific experience treating acne. Discuss with each dermatologist information found in your acne journal. Review before and after pictures of successful acne treatments methods prescribed by dermatologist for current and former patients.

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How to Find Dermatologist to Treat Acne

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