Find Assistance With Test Strips for Diabetics

diabetic supplies such as insulin and oral to control glucose levels in blood drugs can be very expensive. For those who are uninsured, many companies, however, offer financial aid. Some programs provide test strips blood glucose monitor for free.

Other programs offer substantial discounts to help pay for strips to stay healthy. little diligence and perseverance can help find ways to get help getting your test strips blood glucose. Contact manufacturer of your glucose meter, either by calling or sending email directly to company.

Find Assistance With Test Strips for Diabetics

Companies such as Accu-Chek and Abbott have programs targeting those who cannot afford test strips. Speak with customer service representative to learn requirements to qualify for free strips or discounts on test strips you currently use. Fill out any required patient assistance application forms to enroll yourself into program that will help you afford test strips.

These documents often can be downloaded online and sent back by faxing or through email. Speak with your physician about obtaining help with your test strips. Glucose meter companies often send doctors free samples of strips and your doctor, if he has them available, should be able to provide you with some free strips for use in your glucose meter.

Doctors or their staff also can contact representatives from glucose meter companies to see what plans are available for those who cannot afford their test strips. Research and enroll for any grants available from government related to test strips. Grants are available for diabetics to help defray high costs of diabetic supplies.

These grants can help pay for test strips and medication as well as any other supplies related to disease. Various websites can help you find grants that you may qualify for on your own due to financial hardship. Contact your local diabetes clinic if you currently do not have doctor.

Inquire about any test strip assistance available through state or county. Many clinics offer free services to those otherwise unable to afford supplies. You may be able to get discounted test strips through them or they may be able to set up appointment where doctor can give you prescription for your test strips to enable you to get discount through prescription discount card or program.

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How to Find Assistance With Test Strips for Diabetics

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