Finance Solar Energy in US

Typical costs for power from small solar systems have long-term average cost of 25 cents per kilowatt hour, according to estimates by New Mexico Solar Energy Association. This is compared to 2010 current cost of homeownership in Connecticut 19.3 cents kilowatt hour, but not as low when compared to North Dakota 8.1 cents kilowatt hour. Solar energy investors have to deal with the main issues of the expensive initial investment, need energy without saving or with sparse sunlight hours, and high cost of maintenance on solar systems.

Apply for federal grants and incentives. The US Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy and Department of Housing and Urban Development offer all different types of grants for homeowners and businesses willing to invest in renewable energy sources such as solar energy.

Finance Solar Energy in US

Choose solar system eligible for grant money that is compliant with federal and state regulations. These eligible systems also may include photovoltaic systems if allowed by program requirements. Apply for rebates, tax credits and other types of incentives and credits for investing in solar energy. Incentive programs vary by state.

Federal programs are considered frequently by Congress, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy at certain times have offered tax credits of up 30 percent of investment cost. Take loan.

Federal Home Mortgage Loan Corp., also known as Freddie Mac, and other public and private organizations offer low-interest loans to homeowners interested in investing in solar energy systems. Most solar energy financing programs require you to pay percentage of initial cost to qualify for grants and tax incentives. Save money and make profit.

Electricity you generate is electricity you do not have to buy. Also, sell surplus electricity back to grid. As producer of energy, you can pay off initial investment, cover maintenance costs, and even generate tidy profit.

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How to Finance Solar Energy in US

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