Fill Salon Chair With Hydraulic Fluid

Most chairs salon use hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic system. This special hydraulic system allows stylist to raise and lower the client to the ideal position easily. hydraulic chairs are used throughout the hair salon stations and barbershops, because of this, salon owners and employees should know how to fill the lounge chair with hydraulic fluid.

Start with lounge chair at its lowest possible position. If lounge chair is not in its lowest position, lower it by pressing down on the foot pump while applying pressure downward until it can not go further. Remove the nut filling.

Fill Salon Chair With Hydraulic Fluid

fill nut, which is located near base of chair, can typically be removed with simple wrench. If you cannot locate your fill nut, you will need to contact your salon chair manufacturer or check instruction manual. Fill salon chair with hydraulic fluid.

Hydraulic fluid can be purchased at specialty salon retailers such as Sally Beauty Supply or at local auto supply store like Auto Zone. hydraulic fluid can be added using funnel and chair should take about two quarts. Replace salon chair fill nut. Tighten nut until it is snug with your wrench.

Lift and lower chair using hydraulic system. You can do this by pumping foot pump repeatedly and then lowering by pressing down on foot pump while applying downward pressure to salon chair. This step is necessary to remove any excess air from salon chair hydraulic system.

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How to Fill Salon Chair With Hydraulic Fluid

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