File Vandalism Insurance Claim

One day you must submit insurance claims for vandalism may. Maybe someone throws rocks through windows or spray paint graffiti all over the side of your property. Whether it is for your home, business or car, there are certain steps that you should your insurance claim ensures stored quickly and correctly.

call police. It is imperative that you submit the police report, which is generally required by all insurance companies. touching or anything not move until the police have arrived, carried out any investigation or collecting evidence they need to do their report and complete.

File Vandalism Insurance Claim

Verify it’s just case of vandalism. While police are on scene, and with their permission, check to make sure nothing is missing. If you find anything missing, then you may have burglary report to file in lieu of vandalism report, especially if you just have broken window which culprit used to gain entry and take your personal property.

Check your insurance policy. If nothing is missing, then you have straight vandalism case. You may not be sure if your particular policy covers these types of incidents, so read over your insurance policy and see if you find any information regarding vandalism claims.

Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible to get claim process started immediately. Depending on insurance company your policy is through, there may be specific phone number you should call to file your claim. Take appropriate steps as outlined by insurance company.

Not all insurance companies handle vandalism claims same way. Always ask your insurance agent exactly what steps need to be fulfilled to ensure your claim is processed in timely manner.

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How to File Vandalism Insurance Claim

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