Figure Wattage for RV Solar Panels

Solar panels are popular way at least to collect a portion of the RV performance requirements. Before you buy solar panels with expectation set that will meet your electrical needs, do inventory, how much electric power you need your system to deliver each day. You can then determine how large must be your solar panel and battery storage units. Use list simple inventory format on paper or computer table, how many amperes needed any 12 volt device.

Look nameplate on any device, you will notice that some elements are listed in watts, and some in amperes. Convert watt amplifier with this simple formula amps = watts or volts. So if you have 60-watt light bulb on 12 volt system, it uses 5 amps in one hour. Estimate how much time you will use for each device within 24 hours, so that you will know approximately how many total ampere consume your devices in typical day.

Figure Wattage for RV Solar Panels

It takes some guesswork to determine how long device will operate each day. For example, if your water pump is rated for 4 amps, it would use 4 amps each hour. But pump doesn’t run continuously.

You might estimate that your water pump is on for total of 15 minutes during day, including time for washing dishes, cooking and flushing toilet several times. Express that time in hours or fraction of hour. That means your water pump will use 4 amps x 1 or 4 of hour 15 minutes , or 4 x .25, or 1 amp-hour each day.

List each powered device in your inventory on its own line. For example, each light bulb should be recorded separately, because you probably won’t use them equally. bathroom light is only going to be used occasionally, while reading lamp by your bed might be on for hour each evening.

If there are two lights in single fixture, you can group them on one line. As example, fixture holds two 40-watt bulbs, for total of 80 watts per hour. You estimate that lights will burn for two hours each day.

Convert watts to amp-hours 80 or 12 = 6.6 amps. Multiply this by 2 hours to obtain answer of 13.2 amp-hours. Sum total number of amps required by devices you’ll use in typical 24-hour period and triple this number.

This tripling is rule of thumb with solar-powered systems. Let’s say your devices total to 34 amp-hours. Triple this and you will see that you should plan on battery pack of at least 102 amp-hours.

This allows for occasional higher usage or cloudy days without exhausting batteries. Determine how many watts your solar panel will need to generate to keep batteries charged. typical panel with 32 photovoltaic cells generates around 48 watts at 14 volts, or about 3.5 amps each hour.

This is in direct sun, which panel will probably receive for no more than five hours each day, for total charge of about 17 amps into battery pack.

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