Figure Size of Air Conditioner

Dimensioning air conditioning unit air conditioning requires calculation of square meters of room or house. Replacing damaged unit makes work easier. model number on outside fan has two-digit code that corresponds to size of unit, measured in tons.

Take model number from any distributor and can determine size of unit code. You can also calculate square footage of area connected to unit, convert area BTU, BTU and convert tons. Measure area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach room is attached or be connected to air conditioning unit.

Figure Size of Air Conditioner

Multiply length of room by width of room. Remember to calculate all rooms including hallways. You do not need to measure closets or other rooms that are not connected and are sealed off from AC unit.

Measure connected rooms, such as open-floor plan kitchen and living room, separately. Convert square footage into total BTUs. One hundred to 150-square-foot rooms most bedrooms are 5,000 BTUs.

Rooms from 150 to 250 square feet require 6,000 BTUs and rooms from 250 to 350 square feet need 7,000 BTUs. Add 4,000 BTUs for kitchen, and 1,000 for bathrooms. Add each room’s BTUs together to determine total house BTUs.

Convert total BTUs to tons, which is standard measurement of AC units. 1.5 tons equals 18,000 BTUs, 2 tons is 24,000 BTUs, 2.5 tons is 30,000 BTUs, 3 tons is 36,000 BTUs, 3.5 tons is 42,000 BTUs, 4 tons equals 48,000 BTUs, and 5 tons equals 60,000 BTUs. ton size is size of AC unit needed to properly cool your house.

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