Figure for Solar Panels

Solar panels are popular alternative energy solution. This popularity is supported by the government 30 percent tax credit incentive that encourages homeowners to install solar panels. Once installed, homeowners can immediately save on monthly energy costs that could pay for the cost over time.

This fact, coupled with tax incentives to reduce to help initial costs, making solar cells a viable alternative. Determine your daily power consumption. Consult find your last monthly electricity bills and kilowatt watt hour or kWh column.

Figure for Solar Panels

If possible, gather last 12 months. Calculate your average monthly KWh by adding kWh from all bills you collect and divide by number you have. For example, if you found last 12 months, divide total by 12.

If you have only 7 months, divide by 7. Next, divide your average monthly usage by 30 to get your average daily usage. For example, if your average monthly usage is 500 Kwh, your daily usage is 16.6 kWh 500 or 30.

Find average number of hours of sunlight your area receives daily. Contact your local weather station for data or refer to solar map. As example, let’s assume your area receives seven hours of sunlight per day.

Determine energy your solar panels have to produce to meet your daily energy needs. Use formula Daily solar watts needed = Daily power usage or hours of sunlight x 1.25. Following with examples above Calculate cost to install solar panels to produce power your determine in Step 3 using formula Cost = Daily solar watts needed x cost per watt.

average cost of solar panel is around $4.30 per watt. See Reference 3 Using example numbers from step 3, Cost = 2,964 watts $4.30 per watt = $12,745 Calculate final cost when considering 30 percent tax credit. Continuing with our example

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How to Figure for Solar Panels

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