Fight Acne without Overdrying Your Skin

Many people try to clear their acne by applying strong acne soaps, creams and lotions. Unfortunately, chemical ingredients in these products can dry skin, which can cause peeling, redness, and even chemical burn mild to moderate skin. In order to treat acne without drying skin, it is important to clean skin properly, properly medicate skin and moisturize skin enough.

Following these steps will allow acne sufferers to achieve clear skin, which is soft and flexible. Clean skin properly using soap formulated for sensitive skin. use of commercially produced soaps that are designed for acne or oily skin only dry skin, which can cause skin to produce more oil to compensate for lack of oil in skin.

Fight Acne without Overdrying Your Skin

This can lead to more breakouts. sensitive skin soap allows skin to become clean without becoming aggravated or dried out. Lather face well using sensitive skin soaps, then rinse off soap with warm water. Avoid scrubbing skin.

Wash skin with sensitive skin soap in morning and evening. Medicate skin properly using lower concentration benzoyl peroxide cream. Most people mistakenly think that they need to use higher concentration benzoyl peroxide cream to effectively stop their acne breakouts. Unfortunately, this can cause severe drying, burning, and peeling of skin.

Use only 2.5% or lower benzoyl peroxide cream. Smooth dime-sized amount of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream onto face, then gently glide your fingers over skin until cream has been completely absorbed into skin. Avoid rubbing cream in aggressively.

Use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream twice per day, once in morning and again at night. Moisturize skin sufficiently by applying oil-free lotion mixed with few drops of non-comedogenic oil, such as olive oil. Using moisturizer on skin after benzoyl peroxide cream will ensure that skin will not become dried out.

Combine dime-sized amount of oil-free lotion with three drops of olive oil, then smooth it onto skin until it has absorbed into skin. Reapply lotion every time you use benzoyl peroxide cream.

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How to Fight Acne without Overdrying Your Skin

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