Extract Coffee Oil From Coffee Bean

The coffee beans contain natural oils that are activated by heat application. Often referred to as core or chemically known as caffeol, this oil in pure form is in high demand. It is used in many things, including biodiesel, cosmetics, health supplements and fragrance oil, extraction occurs by use of expensive commercial machinery.

With little work, method of starting extraction with olive oil additive can be done by cents. Add this to my Recipe Box. Empty six ounces. green beans or raw coffee beans in small crock pot to medium.

Extract Coffee Oil From Coffee Bean

Cover thoroughly with six cups of extra virgin olive oil. Stir once with wooden spoon, ensuring everything is coated evenly. Power on Crock Pot.

Low heat should be used for roasted coffee beans, medium to high heat for unroasted coffee beans or ground coffee beans. Cover and wait. Use wooden spoon to stir mixture every hour on hour.

Higher heat settings for unroasted coffee beans should be checked more frequently so as not to burn olive oil. higher heat may be turned down once coffee beans appear to turn darker in color. Prepare your thirty-two oz. Mason jar.

Remove two part lid and stretch cheesecloth over opening of jar. cheesecloth should appear to hang inwards into jar. Tighten ring back onto jar.

This will hold cheesecloth for easy straining. Strain your mixture with two part straining process when cook time is finished. Hold small handheld strainer directly above cheesecloth on jar.

Use ladle with opposite hand to scoop your mixture from Crock Pot, gently pouring above handheld strainer. beans will be trapped into handheld strainer, allowing remaining mixture to seep though into cheesecloth. cheesecloth will act as further refining net, catching any additional impurities.

The refined mixture will drip into jar. Continue until you cannot ladle any more. You must pour remaining mixture from Crock Pot directly into cheesecloth.

Use teaspoon to scoop any impurities or leftover coffee beans from top of cheesecloth and discard them.

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How to Extract Coffee Oil From Coffee Bean

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