Exercise to Induce Labor at 39 Weeks

The work should never be induced at 39 weeks unless under guidance of doctor. baby needs, and should be given, if possible, from 40 weeks gestation to fully develop heart and lungs. However, there is nothing wrong with onset of mild exercise at 39 weeks to strengthen body for childbirth and childbirth have more success.

When your body is ready, exercise can stimulate contractions and support faster, safer delivery. Take walks. Walking is excellent exercise to prepare body for childbirth.

Exercise to Induce Labor at 39 Weeks

The rocking motion encourages your baby to move into delivery position and strengthens your abdomen. Walking also promotes regular and effective contractions. Sit on exercise ball and bounce.

The gentle motion encourages relaxation of pelvic muscles and opens body to delivery. Position fitness ball against wall and brace yourself against it. ball should be at your lower back.

Lower yourself into squat, come back to standing position. Aim for ninety-degree angle but don’t force yourself to go lower than you can. Climb stairs.

The uneven motion aids baby in getting into position for birth and strengthens your body in preparation for work ahead. Practice Kegel exercises. Squeeze floor of your pelvic muscles in same way you would if trying to stop flow of urine.

Repeat ten times. Kegels strengthen your pelvic floor and promote elasticity of perineum.

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How to Exercise to Induce Labor at 39 Weeks

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