Estimate Solar Power Needs

Front of house solar power conversion, it is necessary to determine how many solar panels are needed to provide the house or at least a part of it with energy. Estimation of the average daily can help power needs to decide how many plates to cover this demand are required. For this calculation, it is necessary to know how much solar energy is available locally, the amount of electricity and solar inefficiency of plates.

simple equation can then be used to estimate solar electricity demand. Calculate the amount of electricity per day. This may re-examine, be carried out 24 hours later and subtracting is divided lower use of higher or monthly electricity bill consultation and performance by the number of days in that month by checking electricity meters outside and write down number then.

Estimate Solar Power Needs

This number will be in kW kilowatts . This value is daily energy or DE. Determine average daily solar radiation available in your area.

Check solar radiation map or solar insolation chart to find these. Maps and charts are available online or through companies which deal in solar power systems see Resources . Check map or chart for city or location near yours and write down number of kW available for use on average day.

Of course specific amount available on any given day varies by season and local weather patterns. This value is radiation or RA. Estimate system inefficiency factor of solar panels that are being considered.

No solar panel system is able to capture and use 100 percent of all solar radiation available, thus there will be some energy lost. brochure for system should state what inefficiency rate is, if it does not use standard of 1.2 as stand-in value. This value is inefficiency or I.

Estimate percentage of home that should be powered by solar panels. This value equals percent or P. Place these values into following equation power needed = inefficiency x daily energy x percent or radiation, or PN = I x DE or P or RA.

result will be amount of solar kilowatts needed per day to power that part of home.

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How to Estimate Solar Power Needs

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