Eliminate Split Ends in African American Hair

African Americans have a particular problem with split ends. Hair tends to dry faster and constant styling and heating appliances wear down the hair shaft, causing ends to split. You must not live.

Here is how to eliminate split ends. eliminate Trim ends of the hair to split ends. While you eliminate occurrence of split ends, best way African American hair is keeping frayed ends is turned off to fix.

Eliminate Split Ends in African American Hair

You don’t have to trim lot, only about ¼ inch. You don’t even need hairstylist to do this. ust run sections of hair through your fingers exposing tips and cut them off.

Deep condition. African American hair needs extra conditioner to eliminate split ends. Cholesterol conditioner is good tried and true product for moisturizing African American hair.

It’s bit messy, but it works. Use proper combs on African American hair. Small tooth combs will fray African American hair and cause more split ends.

Use wide-toothed comb and keep small-toothed comb handy for taking out small knots and snarls. Avoid cheap combs as edges on teeth will snag hair causing more split ends. Use less heat on African American hair to eliminate split ends.

Excessive use of heat appliances will dry out hair and cause more damage and splitting. If you have to put heat appliance in your hair, use heat protection product with it. The pillow is another enemy of African American hair.

To prevent damaging hair from friction on pillow, use satin pillowcase or silk sleeping cap.

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How to Eliminate Split Ends in African American Hair

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