Eliminate Bathroom Odors

The bathroom is where we wash and groom our bodies, we become comfortable and let all our worries. In the process, the bathroom becomes shelter from dust, dirt, exfoliates and body fluids, which, along with moisture, promote growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. The end result myriad of unpleasant odors.

How to remove odors from the bathroom Eliminate sources and prevent the causes. That is how. bath scrub where dirt and grime create unpleasant and smelly spots.

Eliminate Bathroom Odors

Apply bathroom tub and tile cleaner and let it soak for few minutes. This will give product enough time to soften dirt and grime, making it easier for you to scrub them off. Rinse well.

Towel dry. Scrub shower stall where dirt, soap and calcium leave smelly residue. scum remover product is most effective in cleaning shower stalls thick with water spots and soap scum.

Apply, scrub with brush or sponge, rinse off and towel dry. Wash and dry all accessories in bathtub and shower area. Be sure to clean undersides of soap, body wash and hair care containers where mold tends to grow.

Clean toilet bowl, which is major source of bathroom stench. Apply toilet bowl cleaner to inside walls of bowl, scrub with brush, making sure to reach underside of rim and then flush. Use antibacterial spray and paper towels to clean outside of entire toilet bowl and water closet.

Pay special attention to rim and under seat. Get on your knees to reach bottom and back areas of bowl. Clean vanity counter and washbasin sink where odor-causing scum and mold gather quickly.

Scrub counter with tile cleaner. Rinse and wipe dry. Use scum remover to remove soap scum and water spots from fixtures.

Wipe dry. Wash and dry all accessories that get in contact with water.

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How to Eliminate Bathroom Odors

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