Effectively Use Solar Energy

Solar energy can as bargains appear, but initial cost of the photovoltaic system can be considerable, and if you use energy is not effective, you may never to recover these costs. Before you start building solar array, you must decide whether you want to justify receive enough sunlight project in the first place. When you do this, you may need storage strategy so that you have energy when the sun is not shining. In some cases, solar hot water panels construction of a better use of your money than trying to generate solar power.

determine if your site gets enough sun to justify solar system. You can consult local building department or search your region on solar resource map. If you live in a suitable region, be aware of block trees and other obstacles around your house, the sun and for alternatives solar array on the roof if necessary.

Effectively Use Solar Energy

Estimate upfront costs of installation, making deductions for any tax incentives that apply to your situation, as well as any grants for which you qualify. Calculate amount of electricity you’ll be able to generate and make sure it’s enough for your needs. If you plan to sell energy back to power company, make estimate of your monthly savings and figure out how long it will take to recoup initial costs through these savings.

If it’s longer than 20 years, panels may not be good investment, unless they are guaranteed for longer. Deploy panels in proper direction and at correct angle to maximize sunlight they receive. optimum angle depends on your latitude, but you may have to take into account slope of your land and other factors, such as trees or neighboring buildings.

Include battery bank in your solar installation if you plan on using energy directly rather than selling back to power company. batteries should be capable of storing enough energy to meet your needs when sun isn’t shining, and you should have enough panels to charge them fully when it is. Install charge controller between panels and battery bank.

It will regulate fluctuating voltage from panels and deliver steady charging current to batteries, while at same time preventing them from overcharging. It will also prevent charge from batteries from back-feeding panels and damaging them.

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How to Effectively Use Solar Energy

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