Eat With Diabetes and Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is inflammatory bowel disease caused by inflammation in lining of your intestinal tract. This condition causes diarrhea, stomach cramps and malnutrition, according to Mayo Clinic. If you also have diabetes, these symptoms can cause serious health complications due to lack of vitamins and nutrients your body can absorb.

In order to stay healthy you will have to limit your diet by eating foods low in fat, reduce consumption of dairy products and change their eating habits from three large meals five to six small meals throughout day. Your diet should also consist of vegetables, fruits and lean meat is cooked thoroughly. Reduce size of your meals.

Eat With Diabetes and Crohn’s Disease

Large meals are hard on stomach as they require large amounts of stomach acid to digest. person without Crohn’s would not have problem digesting large meals, but those with Crohn’s may notice cramps or diarrhea shortly after eating. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Fruits and vegetables contain few carbohydrates, which makes them suitable if you are diabetic. Vegetables should be cooked until they are tender to avoid upsetting your stomach and should rarely be consumed raw. Be sure to peel skin off of fruit before eating, and always wash your fruit to remove pesticides.

Avoid fruit juices. Fruit juices can irritate your stomach and can raise your blood glucose levels due to high amounts of sugar they contain. Limit alcohol consumption.

Alcohol can worsen your symptoms and is converted into sugar when consumed. This can negatively affect your blood glucose levels if you have more than one drink per day. Reduce fiber.

Although fiber can reduce blood glucose levels for diabetics, it can also upset intestinal tract and cause diarrhea. Eat fiber in small amounts to determine if your stomach can handle it. If you can eat it without upsetting your stomach, gradually increase amount of fiber you consume in each meal.

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How to Eat With Diabetes and Crohn’s Disease

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