Easily Clean Air Conditioning Duct

During summer, many of us run our lot of air conditioning. Duct work can clog with pet dander, house dust and various other items. Key to save money and keep your air conditioner in best way is to remember to clean air conditioning duct.

air conditioning duct cleaner will keep your home healthier. Air will flow better. In general, there is only one way to lose when clean air conditioning duct is maintained.

Easily Clean Air Conditioning Duct

Cleaning air conditioning duct should only take about 10 minutes one evening or as weekend home project. Wear gloves and face mask. Harmful mold may be present inside air conditioning ducts. This cleaning process is same for floor and ceiling vents. Remove air conditioning duct vent covers. If covers have screws, remove with screwdriver.

If they snap, snap off one corner at time. Wash air conditioning vent covers with soapy water. Apply 2-3 small drops of mild dish detergent to sink full of warm water.

If dust and dirt persist, let soak. Rinse with clean water. Dry with clean rag.

Wipe inside air conditioning ducts as far as you can reach. Clean air conditioning ducts with vacuum long reach attachment. Thorough cleanings can only be done by professional cleaning services.

You should be able to reach few feet. If caked on dirt remains, loosen with cleaning brush. Vacuum remaining dust and debris in and around area.

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How to Easily Clean Air Conditioning Duct

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