Duct Bathroom Fan

bathroom ventilation fans are only as efficient as ductwork that joins them. Like all other aspects of the construction of the house, the pipes must be installed correctly. steam fans help clear from room as well as unwanted odors.

If the ducts are not properly installed, bathroom fan will be less than productive. Up in the attic and locate bathroom fan. Since heat rises, it is important to get ducts pointed straight up as soon as possible.

Duct Bathroom Fan

Secure first piece of duct pipe to fan with provided screws. Be certain that this is pointing as straight up as it can. Depending on available space, this can be as straight as elbow bend.

Secure next piece of duct pipe to first one. Continue using straight pipe until you reach roof rafters. Install elbow pipe as close to rafters as possible.

Cut piece of plumber’s strap with tin cutters and suspend duct pipe from rafters with 1ΒΌ-inch drywall screws. Install as much pipe as needed to get to wall where duct pipe will vent out of attic. Mark center of hole that needs to be drilled for outside boot to slip through it and drill it with large enough hole saw for this purpose.

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How to Duct Bathroom Fan

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