Dry Baby After Bath

Drying your baby properly after bath is important. You want to remove all water for baby fails to avoid cold or develop dry skin. To do this, baby pat with soft towel, instead of rubbing thick.

Keep baby covered and dry portion at time. Have your supplies on hand, once you are done with baby bath. Collect dry towels and lotion at your fingertips to make it easier for you and safer for your baby process.

Dry Baby After Bath

If you’re nervous, have someone with you for help and support. Remove baby from water and wrap her up in large, soft towel. Cover baby’s head after bath to keep his body heat from escaping.

Dry baby one body part at time. Keep baby covered and remove one leg. Pat it down with towel to soak up all water.

Pat rather than rub. Cover up that leg and move on. This keeps your baby warm.

Use lotion to soften and protect baby’s skin. Apply it to each body part after you dry. We hope the information on How to Dry Baby After Bath is helpful to you.

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How to Dry Baby After Bath

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