Draw Up Loan Agreement

If you make loans to individuals or corporations, consider that borrowers require to sign agree loan agreement. Loan contract is also called as a promissory note, for the exchange of officials and grants you the legal process in case borrowers loan repayment fails according to your original agreement. Even if you are money at trusted friend or family member lending that you are sure that loans to repay the credit agreement is to validate crucial exchange.

It is used to protect and by outlining borrowed amount and interest, if any, that you be charged on loans. Borrowers This prevents you to be paid on the loan exchange in full respect of the original agreement. Enter find out that loan is made stating.

Draw Up Loan Agreement

Include date money is being exchanged and city and state where exchange is taking place. Include full names of all parties involved. Explain within loan agreement how and when money should be repaid.

Include amount of interest you are charging on loan. Some states have legal restrictions on amount of interest you may charge. Be sure to check your state’s laws before charging interest.

Identify any collateral that is being used to secure loan. If, for example, borrower gives you his car title to hold until loan is paid in full, you will want to include this in agreement.

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How to Draw Up Loan Agreement

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