Donate Old Blood Glucose Monitors

Monitor blood glucose is essential tool for diabetic. It is used to measure amount of glucose in blood, to ensure that it stays in safe range. If you no longer need to monitor blood glucose, you can donate.

Four options remain. Contact American Diabetes Association or Red Cross. They are accepted either monitor blood glucose old or run somewhere locally that will take.

Donate Old Blood Glucose Monitors

Clean and sanitize device before you send it in. Go to local community medical center. These clinics are often in need of medical equipment and may take blood glucose monitor.

Send blood glucose monitor along on medical mission trip. Many churches organize missions to bring better medical care to third-world countries. church may accept your blood glucose monitor to bring along.

Check with nursing home or home health-care agency. If patient’s insurance does not cover cost of monitor, patient could benefit from donation.

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How to Donate Old Blood Glucose Monitors

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