Do it Yourself Solar Energy

accept Do it yourself DIY solar energy projects variety of forms, such as space heating, water heating or electricity generation. Select Many homeowners photovoltaic PV projects that reduce monthly electric service. Some photovoltaic solar power plants have two or three solar panels that provide enough energy to run some equipment.

More sophisticated solar power systems have to operate the PV array of sufficient solar cells from off-grid. Basic components for DIY solar systems include solar modules, terminal boxes, DC or AC inverter and wire. Determine how much current PV system has to provide.

Do it Yourself Solar Energy

Add up watts of each appliance to ascertain total kilowatt-hours required to power items on daily basis. Calculate electrical needs for entire household by computing average daily kilowatt hours used by household. Assemble electricity bills for past 12 months.

Add kilowatt hours for each month. Divide total kilowatt hours by 12. This figure represents average monthly kilowatt hour usage for your household.

Divide this figure by 30 to arrive at your average daily kilowatt hours. Divide average daily kilowatt hours by average amount of sunlight for your region. system’s solar panels must produce enough wattage to meet this need.

Identify best location on roof to install solar modules. Select spot that allows system to receive maximum amount of sunlight. Check for buildings, trees or other obstacles that might shade solar panels.

Shade reduces solar panels efficiency to convert available sunlight into electricity. Use stud finder to locate roof rafters and mark them with pencil. Builders usually place rafters 16 or 24 inches on center.

On center means measurement from center of one rafter to center of next rafter. Inspect roof to ensure you have solid roof covering in good condition. Make any repairs as necessary.

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