DIY Solar Panel Kits

Installation of solar panels on the roof is great way to not only minimize your personal carbon footprint, but also to put some money back into the purse. Although the first investment in the installation of solar photovoltaic PV systems can sometimes be expensive, there are number of kits for the purchase, you can install it yourself. After installation, you can contact your local water company and inquire about selling your power back into the grid.

Measure size of your roof to create its square footage, so you can determine the number and size of the panels can be installed. Ideally, you will install panels on a part of the roof, the southern exposure has. Although solar cell technology there further progress are currently only two different kinds mounted residential rooftop solar systems and ground-based systems.

DIY Solar Panel Kits

Order and pickup number of roof panels you plan on installing. At same time order and pickup roof connector kits designed specifically for residential use. Residential solar systems are becoming more common and can be purchased through number of solar industry companies and local home renovation stores.

Following instructions for roof connector kit, secure mounting rails to your roof by securing them to roof trusses. If you are not sure of width between trusses, go into your attic and measure them. Seal hole where screw or bolt enters through your roof and into truss.

Use waterproof silicone or other sealant to prevent water from entering and possible rotting your roof. Attach solar panels to mounting rails and secure in place.

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