DIY Solar or C

Air conditioning contributes to a high percentage of the electricity bill in the summer. The use of solar energy to power or C unit can eliminate these costs. solar powered or C unit is useful because hot day, more sun, strong sun abundant solar energy helps provide. Size and performance of or C unit needed to determine the amount of solar cells.

small window or C unit may be able to be supplied with only a panel with power, while large, central or C unit require multiple plates. Determine amount is needed to solar power for or C unit. Check or C-unit power requirements. For example, some units may require 500 watts of continuous power.

DIY Solar or C

In that case, at least 500 watt solar panel s should be purchased. To ensure uninterrupted operation, purchase solar panels with more capacity than needed. Set up solar panels in location that receives most amount of sunlight during day.

roof is excellent place for solar panels and does use up space on property. Most consumer solar panels are ready to go out of box and require little assembly. Solar panel stands can be purchased as well, stands can be horizontal or vertical.

Vertical stands allow panels to be propped up right in yard. While horizontal stands allow panels to be laid down flat on roof safely. Connect solar panels to transformer or inverter using power cable supplied with panels, if air conditioner runs on or C or alternate current power.

cable connects into transformer or inverter via plug. Alternate current power is used in outlets and powers most of our home electronics. D or C or direct current power can power larger air conditioning units. Find out which type of power unit needs.

transformer or inverter is only necessary for alternate current air conditioning units. solar panels can be attached to any type of or C unit, D or C or or C. Connect transformer or inverter to battery. In case of D or C powered units, connect solar panels directly to battery.

This is done using D or C solar panel to battery cable that looks similar to type of cable used to connect battery in car. Plug in alternate current air conditioner into transformer or inverter. Connect D or C air conditioner directly to battery.

Keep air conditioner off for several hours while solar panels have chance to charge battery.

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