DIY Refinishing Bathtub

bathtubs modern fiber glass must be replaced when worn and dull, but old porcelain bathtub classic is often worth refinishing. One method is tarnish porcelain surface with hydrofluoric acid, which allows the application of enamel paint is specially formulated for refinishing porcelain. Talk to your local improvement store home about ordering chemicals and equipment.

Cover walls and the floor all around the tub with plastic sheeting, duct tape instead place with adhesive tape. Tape or remove all bath accessories that are not porcelain. Open hydrofluoric acid solution and a brush on the surface of the porcelain tub assembly using the brush.

DIY Refinishing Bathtub

Let it work for 15 or 20 minutes, then rinse. Let surface dry overnight. Fill your paint sprayer with primer for porcelain.

Apply primer over surface of tub in thin, even coat, spraying from side to side. Don’t stop moving sprayer at any point while it’s spraying. Let primer set for hour.

Apply second coat of primer. Let it dry for another two hours. While it’s drying, empty and clean sprayer.

Fill sprayer with enamel paint for porcelain. Apply it in same manner as you did primer, in light, thin coats. Spray on four to six coats, letting it dry for two hours between each coat. Let final coat set for 48 hours before reinstalling fixtures.

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