DIY Portable Solar Power

Portable solar power is no longer limited to calculators, watches and funky-looking solar-powered cars. Now solar energy is almost unlimited use for small items such as laptops, satellite phones, maritime equipment and much more available. Portable folded solar panels are now available that can provide power at the time to 155 watts.

chargers are also available, as well as radios. These modern wonders you can prevent them close to your car or other electrical source to stay, so you mobility you want without compromising your need for power source. Determine what kind of solar power is right for you.

DIY Portable Solar Power

This will depend on size of item that you want to charge. good guideline is to only power those things that can run on off of adapter which fits inside your car’s cigarette lighter. This supplies 15 amps which is maximum power that is recommended for use with most portable solar power.

Purchase solar power from supplier that specializes in portable solar power and comes with tough outer gear and maximum portability. For example, small briefcase-sized solar panels can be purchased to run your laptop, but solar power from flexible roll-up mat that can be folded into suitcase is much more durable, easy to port and safer to lay over uneven ground. Explore possibilities for larger uses such as solar-powered portable generator that can be enough to keep your lights on in emergency.

These units can produce whopping 1500 watts in unit that is about size of ice chest. Unlike mats and other smaller solar collectors, they can store energy that can be released when you need it most. Use alternatives to traditional power for both your phones and other small equipment by purchasing small pocket-sized solar generator such as Solio.

These little fold-out coin pursed sized items can power camera or small GPS by just sitting on your desk or on dashboard of your car.

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