DIY Install Solar Panels

to install solar energy system is a great way to use solar power. Solar power not only reduces or eliminates your energy costs, it can increase the value of your home. Backbone of the solar system begins with solar panels.

solar panels that are installed on the roof, have the ability to convert electrons into usable energy. With little skill and balance, you can install solar panels on the roof itself. Locate and select the best location for the installation of panels of position of the sun at noon to watch.

DIY Install Solar Panels

sunny and most optimal location is typically south side of your roof. You want to ensure that your panels line of sight to sun is unobstructed. If south side is not possible, then look first to west and then east.

You never want to mount your panels on north side, which typically does not get that much sun during day. Mount your solar panel mounting brackets to roof. This is done by securing brackets to top of rafters.

To find location of rafters, use your stud finder. Make sure to pre-drill screw holes with your drill. Once you install first mount, install second mount using laser line level and tape measure.

This will ensure that your panels are level and straight. Secure solar panels to mounts. Make sure to follow instructions provided by your solar panel manufacturer. Typically mounts are locked in place with wrench and you simply tighten bolts included in mounting kit.

Connect solar panel cables to your inverter box. inverter is junction between your solar panels and your main grid connect system. inverter converts DC power generated by your solar panels into AC power that is used by your home electrical needs.

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