DIY Cheap Solar Energy

build your own solar system, is a good way to save money on utility bills. Can provide you with moderate amount of cost-effective energy for your home and effort, and at the same time benefit the environment. You will soon recover your inputs once the system is in operation. Find the

wealth of free information online, or you can purchase guides published receive step-by-step through selected project lead. After studying possible solar projects, make list of do-it-yourself projects that might work for you. Possibilities include heating and cooling living rooms, greenhouses, pool heating, solar panel electricity, solar cooking and drying, solar lighting and solar powered vehicles, among others.

DIY Cheap Solar Energy

Determine if your site gets enough sun, and if obstacles may interfere with collection of sun’s energy. obstacle survey will determine blockage of sun’s light by obstacles such as trees, buildings, hills, etc. For most applications, you will need five to six straight hours of unblocked sunlight near middle of day.

If you discover blockages, determine how long they last and at what times of year they occur. Evaluate each project on your list to determine if it will work in your situation, how much it will cost, if you have time and wherewithal to complete it, how much energy and money it will save, and how it will affect environment. See Resources section below for information and ideas for projects that are inexpensive to build and have short payoff periods.

Download free instructions or purchase guide for completing your chosen project. Collect essential tools and materials you have on hand, then borrow, rent or purchase anything else required for completion of project. You’re now ready to begin cheap solar-energy venture.

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