Dissolve Essential Oils in Everclear

Sprays of home fragrance or perfumes can use in their essential ingredients, natural oils distilled from stems, leaves, bark and roots of plants. Some commercial sprays include harsh chemicals. If you want to make your own natural fragrance spray, create personal combination of pure essential oils. These oils can cause skin irritation with direct application to skin, so you need to dissolve oils.

As oil does not dissolve in water alone, you need to add solvent. Create ounce of your own natural oil spray by dissolving your favorite essential oils in mixture of water and pure grain alcohol Everclear. Combine 2 teaspoons.

Dissolve Essential Oils in Everclear

distilled water with 4 tsp. Everclear in small glass jar. This creates alcohol base needed to dissolve pure essential oils.

In addition to safe skin factor, dissolving thick oils thins them for easier spray application. Place 8 drops each of essential oils lavender and vanilla in glass jar with dropper. Smell oil to test strength of aroma.

The aroma will become stronger over time. If you add more essential oil, you need to add more of alcohol and water mixture so you have 6 teaspoons, or 1 oz., of Everclear mixture for every 25 drops of essential oils. Place eight drops of your desired carrier oil in jar with dropper.

Natural essential oils are strong, carrier oils help dissolve essential oils. Carrier oils come from distillation of fruit or nuts of plants. Some common carrier oils include almond oil, apricot kernel oil and sesame oil. Place lid on jar and shake well.

Store bottle in cool, dark place for up to two weeks. Shake bottle once day during two-week period. Place cheesecloth over mixing bowl and pour oil and Everclear mixture into bowl.

Pour strained mixture into spray perfume bottle.

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How to Dissolve Essential Oils in Everclear

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