Disinfect Bathroom

disinfection bath can eliminate communicable diseases, especially during the cold and flu season. Here is look step by step how your bathroom is disinfected. Your goal is to get very basis of inside your bathroom, not just clean around the elements and straighten up.

Take items like trash cans, toothbrushes, towels, etc. outside the bathroom. Sweep and dust bath to remove surface dirt and dust.

Disinfect Bathroom

This will make deep cleaning easier and more effective. Be particular, and clean underneath any items you were unable to remove. Dispose of dust and dirt you’ve swept up.

Mix cleaning solution in bucket. all-purpose cleaning solution like Clorox or Lysol bathroom cleaners will work well for this step. Mix according to directions, preferably with warm or hot water.

Start at highest points of bathroom and work your way down, cleaning with clean rag that you’ve dipped in solution and wrung out. rag should be thoroughly damp but not soaking wet. Test solution in inconspicuous place if you’re wiping down painted surfaces.

When you reach floor, scrub it with rag or, if dirt is stubborn, with scrub brush skip this step if floors are carpeted . Work your way out of bathroom and allow it to dry. While bathroom is drying, wipe off objects you’ve taken out of bathroom with cleaning solution–mix new solution if it has become excessively dirty from your previous steps.

When bathroom is dry, take disinfecting spray, like Lysol, and apply thin layer to surfaces that are frequently touched, like toilet seats, handles and faucets. Use glass cleaner to scrub mirrors and chrome fixtures. When Lysol has dried, replace items you removed in first step.

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How to Disinfect Bathroom

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