Disable camera on iPod touch

The iPod Touch is not just regular music player. It has many new features that allow users to do much more than just listen to music. A new feature of iPod Touch offers is the ability to take pictures with the built-in camera.

camera helps to do this all around the device. But parents may find that they do not want their children to have access to the camera that allows them to publish online images so easily. Apple has made it easy to turn the camera on or off.

Disable camera on iPod touch

Press Home button of iPod touch to turn it on. home screen will appear. Tap on Settings icon.

This will bring up new screen that shows all settings on iPod touch that you can control. Scroll down until you see tab that says Restrictions. Tap on this tab.

This will bring you to new screen where you can turn on and off different applications and settings on iPod Touch. Tap on button at very top that says Enable Restrictions. It will ask you to set passcode.

Type in four-digit passcode that you have picked out. It will ask you to type in passcode again to confirm it. Scroll down to little bit until you see icon for camera.

You will be allowed to turn camera on or off here. Slide button that says On to left until it says Off. Turning camera off will also disable Facetime feature on iPod Touch.

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