Diagnose Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is any cancer that appears in areas in and around mouth. Oral cancer can occur on lips, mouth, tongue, gums and glands that produce saliva. Oral cancer worsens as disease progresses.

This is why it is important to get diagnosed oral cancer from beginning. It will examine your mouth for any changes. You may notice sore that will not heal and becomes larger in size.

Diagnose Oral Cancer

You may also notice discoloration in areas of mouth. mouth may have red or dark spots inside of it. Note any pain or discomfort in areas of mouth.

You may have problems eating because of soreness in mouth. You may also experience numbness in certain parts of mouth. Set up appointment with your doctor if you have oral cancer symptoms.

They need to get your medical history and run some tests to reach definitive diagnosis. Allow physician to examine your mouth. They should note any changes that have occurred and decide what tests to order.

They will probably take sampling from your mouth to test cells for cancer. Get series of radiology tests. X-rays and CT Scans can be used to detect presence of oral cancer in body.

The radiologist is able to tell from these tests whether cancer has spread to lymph nodes or other parts of body.

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How to Diagnose Oral Cancer

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