Diagnose Car Air Conditioner Problems

Driving car during hot summer months without working air conditioner can be unpleasant experience, to say least. hot air blowing through air conditioning is commonly caused by coolant leak, some kind of clogging system, dirt or moisture buildup. auto mechanic can easily fix broken air conditioner.

However, for those adventurous enough to fix themselves, there are several steps to properly diagnose problem. Start vehicle and turn on air conditioner. Open hood and locate compressor, which resembles pump valve stems and two large pipes of same.

Diagnose Car Air Conditioner Problems

Verify that center of compressor turns. If it is not turning, jump compressor by hooking jumper wire directly to battery. Locate wire leading to electric clutch.

Unplug connector in middle of wire. Hook jumper wire to compressor wire and positive terminal of car battery. Replace compressor clutch relay if air conditioner begins to blow cold air.

If car begins to squeal, entire compressor may need to be replaced. If air conditioner blows warm air after jumping compressor, refrigerant may need to be charged. Locate hose marked as high pressure line on compressor.

Attach air conditioner pressure gauge to high-pressure line. Ensure there no gaps by visually inspecting line and gauge. Read gauge after one minute.

If gauge shows green, refrigerant is normal. If gauge shows red, coolant level is low. If gauge reads high, contact mechanic immediately to assess problem.

Remove gauge from line.

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How to Diagnose Car Air Conditioner Problems

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