Diagnose Allergy to Perfumed Tampons

If you get hives, or itching when using scented tampons, it is possible that you are sensitive to perfumes used in buffer. Positively diagnosis of allergy scented tampons requires biopsy, which will not find it necessary to doctors. Instead, you can keep following guidelines in mind when deciding whether to change medical devices. Consider your symptoms.

If you are extremely sensitive to perfume used in scented tampons, you can get vaginitis, irritation of vaginal area. Itching and bumps will be problem. If you do not have vaginitis but suddenly cough, cramps or have other medical symptoms, you can be ruled out as cause allergy buffer.

Diagnose Allergy to Perfumed Tampons

Think about whether you’re sensitive to other products made with perfumes. If not, there could be many causes to vaginitis. Estimate how long you’ve been using scented tampons.

If you’ve used them for years and just had bad reaction, there could be many other factors aside from tampon allergy explaining problem. Switch to unscented tampons your next menstrual cycle and see whether you still get symptoms. Make appointment with allergist if switching products doesn’t solve your problem or you suspect you have other allergies.

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How to Diagnose Allergy to Perfumed Tampons

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