Determine Shutter Count on Nikon D70

shot counter, also known as shutter actuation, is the number of times it has closed the shutter to capture the image. Different cameras have estimated average count life by driving the shutter for that model. For example, Nikon D70 shutter has a half life of just under 50,000 clicks.

Checking number of shutter clicks in Nikon D70 can be done using the computer and the number of programs, some of which can be downloaded for free. Taking photo in JPG format with Nikon D70 and load it onto your computer desktop. Not modified any Adobe software.

Determine Shutter Count on Nikon D70

Click and hold down mouse button on picture file and drag it to finder bar. Drag file over Graphic Converter icon and let go of mouse button. This will open picture file in Graphic Converter.

Click EXIF tab. number of shutter clicks will be listed under Camera Actuations. Take photo in JPG format and upload it to computer’s desktop.

Do not edit it with any Adobe software. Download and install Opanda iExif program. It will automatically integrate with Windows.

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