Detailed Instruction on Make Homemade Solar Panels

If you or go camping to hunting, or simply want to reduce only your electricity bill, then solar panel could good investment for you. Solar batteries and can run tools and equipment, all of charge free. They require no fuel, and because they have no moving parts, they require very little way of repair and maintenance.

only cost that is equipped with solar panels up-front cost. This may also by reduced your own solar panels at home. Calculate the number of solar panels you need to make your solar panel.

Detailed Instruction on Make Homemade Solar Panels

Different cells provide different voltages. Divide voltage you want your panel to produce by voltage rating of your solar cells. This will give you number of cells you need to produce 12 volts. Add couple volts worth of cells to this number to eliminate danger of backcharging, which can damage your solar panel.

Cut plywood into size just large enough to hold all cells you need for your panel. Glue narrow wooden strips all around perimeter of plywood you have cut. After your cell is assembled, these will hold up Plexiglas cover to protect your panel from damage.

Leave small gap between two of strips to run wires out of panel. Attach solar cells to panel of plywood, using electrically conductive glue. Leave small amount of this glue peeking above top of each cell in order to form electric link to terminals on bottoms of cells.

This edge of glue will be referred to as negative terminal of each cell. Cut 6-inch lengths of wire from your spool of wire, using wire cutters. Make as many short wires as there are cells in your panel, minus one.

Remove 1 inch of insulation from one end of each wire, and 3 inches from other ends, using wire cutters. Glue 3-inch-bare ends of these wires to tops of solar cells. Do not let any glue run from top of cell and touch negative terminal of that cell.

Do not let any bare wire touch negative terminals of cells. Leave final cell without short wire on top.

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How to Detailed Instruction on Make Homemade Solar Panels

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