Design Solar Power Generator

The structure of the solar generator is good chance some of your home to reduce energy consumption and at the same time learn more about solar energy. It’s also great to have tools on camping trip with the family. You can for $ 400 — perhaps among all components of the project earn even less than $ 300 is a lot of web sites have enough to see plates at least 20 watts and 12 volts for less than $ 190 resources.

You also need deep cycle battery lead-acid or gel, such as golf cart battery that saves you for about $ 60 online, Big-Box or most auto supply stores see can find resources. Other costs include small inverter — as in the car to power laptop used — the about $ 30 to $ 40 buy at auto stores a parentheses with costs that connect directly to the battery instead of a DC connector , You can buy a voltmeter to measure current, produced for less than $ 30 at your local hardware or electronics store.

Design Solar Power Generator

charge controller, which keeps battery from overcharging, costs about same. Drill two holes through top of cooler or plastic bin, one for volt meter wires and another for inverter wires. Drill third hole for photovoltaic panel’s wires—but not necessarily in top, preferably where you will have space to store extra wire from panel.

Do not assemble generator in direct sunlight, as panel will produce electricity and could cause unnecessary risk of shock. Place battery in container and run volt meter wires through one hole and connect them to battery terminals. Always connect positive red first and then negative black .

Attach inverter. Run wires through hole on lid you made for inverter. You may need to make bigger hole to fit clamps through.

If you bought inverter with DC plug, cut off DC plug, split wires and strip about ¾ inch of insulation off ends. In some cases negative wire will have white stripe along casing, and positive wire will be black. Attach positive wire to positive battery terminal first, then negative wire to negative terminal.

Connect photovoltaic panel to charge controller with appropriate wires. Check manuals of both solar panel and charge controller to make sure you’re making right connections. Otherwise you can damage controller, which keeps battery from overcharging.

Next, connect charge controller to battery by connecting positive wire to positive battery terminal first, then negative wire to negative terminal. It is best to place controller inside box, but you also may place it outside box. Seek light On its first charge it will likely take about 5 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge battery, but subsequently it should take about 3 1 or 2 hours to charge.

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How to Design Solar Power Generator

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