Design Small Master Bathroom

The design of small master bath is easy project that does not require any major construction or major renovation. While these small spaces are a challenge to decorate, which are larger and wider with the use of monochromatic color schemes, reflective mirrors and lack of clutter. beautiful, visually attractive and efficient space is very easy to achieve with few easy to find little knowledge objects and interior decoration.

Paint the walls light color. Small master bathrooms look bigger and more expansive when you paint the walls light shade. paint colors of light make the walls recede, that is the illusion that works in your favor when designing your small bathroom.

Design Small Master Bathroom

Hang mirrors to visually enlarge space. Mirrors help reflect light and give feeling of added space. Mount one mirror over your sink and another on opposite wall to make walls appear much wider.

Add pedestal sink to your small master bathroom instead of vanity. Pedestal sinks are made of porcelain, with column-shaped bottom and basin on top, and are just perfect size to fit into small room, as they add charm and visual appeal as well. Incorporate open shelving.

Open shelves expose wall behind them, which makes space feel larger. To create beautiful small bathroom that has illusion of more space, install open shelves above toilet area to make use of this area and to attractively arrange items such as toiletries, towels and toilet paper. Hang towel rack on back of bathroom door.

Since space is at premium in small bathroom, don’t waste valuable wall space with towel racks. Hanging towels on back-of-the-door towel hanger makes every inch count in your small master bathroom.

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How to Design Small Master Bathroom

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