Design Project Using Solar Energy

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. Not only has it been proven to be a valuable resource, but it is absolutely necessary now, a whatever. From lights cars on buildings, solar energy is spreading like wildfire.

With such a strong focus on the environment and global climate issues, everyone should get used to renewable natural resources. Here are some quick steps to make your own solar-powered device are creating. Start with the radio battery Search wiring configuration to find that it hangs to power.

Design Project Using Solar Energy

Figure out which of wires is positive lead and which is negative lead. Separate them. Once you have two leads, attach both to solar panel.

Make sure that each of leads is fastened securely onto panel. When leads are fully secured and fastened onto solar panel, place radio and panel outside. Make observations every hour for six to eight hours based on what type of radio you’re powering and how loudly it can project at its maximum level.

After you have finished observing that radio, come back inside and begin preparing for next experiment. Go through second radio’s battery compartment and find positive and negative leads. Make sure to separate them.

Now that you have identified two leads, attach both of them to solar panel and make sure they are securely fastened and can be supported on their own.

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How to Design Project Using Solar Energy

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