Deliver Baby in Emergency

If you have to deliver baby without any help, do not panic. Follow these steps and everything should be fine. Make mother to be as comfortable as possible with pillows and blankets.

If no pillows or blankets immediately available, improvise-use anything close to help make you feel comfortable. Call your local emergency number, doctor or midwife. Be sure to follow instructions which gives you and answer any questions she has as quickly and accurately as possible.

Deliver Baby in Emergency

If any emergency personnel gives you instructions that are different from what’s listed here, follow those instructions instead. Position mother to be so that her upper body is slightly elevated, place mothers feet flat on ground and open her legs. In most cases, she was probably planning on having her baby in hospital or birthing center and not having stranger deliver her baby.

Remain polite, respectful and calm during this emergency. Tell mother to breathe quickly during contractions and push only during contractions. If she knows Lamaze, coach her gently during contractions, focusing on breathing and pushing can help take mother’s mind off pain.

Place hand on baby’s head as it crowns. This prevents head from just popping free and possibly causing damage to skull or neck. It is very important to remind mother to continue to breathe quickly during this time, so she remains calm and relaxed when not having contractions. We hope the information on How to Deliver Baby in Emergency is helpful to you.

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How to Deliver Baby in Emergency

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