Defeat Zombie Debt Collectors

One day, the phone rings and the voice on the other end requires payment of the debt was charged off the lender more than ten years ago. Try explaining that although collector becomes verbally abusive and threaten to action and legal wages but if you do not pay at this time. He insists that you give immediate payment by phone.

Whatever you do, do not fall into the trap is trying to collect the debt zombie is no longer legally obligated to pay. Companies buy old debts that are beyond legal statute of limitations for collection, then try to pressure consumers into paying these zombie debts with threats that are often downright false. If zombie collector is bothering you, you can use the steps in this article to defeat him.

Defeat Zombie Debt Collectors

Find out what statute of limitations is in your state for old debts. It varies by state, and sometimes there are different time limits for different types of debt in same state. zombie debt collector will try to bluff you. Firms that purchase old, unenforceable debt count on consumer’s ignorance of law and fear of being sued in order to collect.

If you are well informed, there is no need to be fearful. When zombie debt collector calls, tell him outright that you know debt is past statute of limitations and that they have no legal grounds to collect it. If he persists, give him your lawyer’s telephone number and tell him that all future contacts should go through your attorney.

Be aware of your rights under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It provides many important protections for consumers. If zombie debt collection has given out any information about you to third party for example, calling your employer or co-workers and telling them that you refuse to pay debt , made false threats to sue you, threatened to have you arrested and jailed, or made any other untrue threats, they have violated law.

They are also prohibited from calling you repeatedly in order to harass or annoy you.If zombie debt collector is violating law in her phone calls to you. let her know that you are going to tape record conversation. Many states require you to tell other party that you’re taping call, so let zombie debt collector know and repeat it when you start tape.

Don’t be surprised if she simply hangs up, as unscrupulous agencies won’t want to provide you with proof of their law-breaking. Do not give out any information to zombie debt collector, and do not verify any information they might have. They may put pressure on you, but remember that they are calling you about debt that you no longer legally owe.

Therefore you are under no obligation to give them any information or to assist them in any way with verification. Your best bet is to simply say I’m not going to talk to you and hang up. That eliminates risk of giving or verifying information that zombie debt collector could use against you in any way.

Warn other family members not to give out any information if zombie debt collector calls. Often these debt collectors will search out phone numbers for family members, or even neighbors, and call claiming that they have to get in touch with you or get information about urgent legal matter. They rely on sense of urgency to trick people into giving out information.

Make sure your family knows that they should simply hang up if they receive such calls. Do not let yourself be pressured into making partial payment or even into agreeing to payment plan in order to get zombie debt collector off phone. In most states, statute of limitations date is based on account’s date of last activity.

However, some states will restart clock if you agree to some type of payment plan or give zombie debt collector payment. Depending on your state’s laws, you could even cause yourself trouble by acknowledging that debt is yours. When zombie debt collector starts calling, hang up before telling her anything and get familiar with your state’s laws so you know how to respond when she calls back.

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How to Defeat Zombie Debt Collectors

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