Decorate Wedding Hall

If you are getting married, to help someone else who is getting married, or you’re decorator payment, you will want wedding hall look beautiful. It should reflect special day in way that will make bride, groom and guests feel like they are part of something special. Make sure room is clean.

You will not have to establish whether floor needs to be swept or tables are dirty. Take care of any cleaning last minute to be done before decorating. Place table and chairs in order you want to enter.

Decorate Wedding Hall

Don’t forget that you will need space for buffet table, unless it is sit down dinner. There should be head table for wedding party, parent’s table for families of bride and groom and setting at every other table for guests. head table wedding party table should be placed at one end of room, so bride, groom and wedding party are facing other tables. This will give all guests great view of happy couple.

Put table clothes on each table. Make sure there is enough room for people to sit comfortably and that there are enough tables and chairs, plus few extra for unexpected guests. Place centerpieces on tables. There may be special center piece for head table, but all others should be similar.

You can make centerpieces with candles, flowers, candy, bowl with water and floating candle or flower, or anything else that appeals to couple. If you use flowers or candles, appearance is magnified and reflected beautifully if they are placed on top of small mirror. It may add extra touch if you put streamers and or or balloons hanging from head table.

If you have made favors, you should place one at each place setting on each table.

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How to Decorate Wedding Hall

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