Decorate Gym for Wedding

Having wedding at gym can provide space large enough for large weddings, be good use of space and be profitable too. With little creativity and some supplies, you can transform gym in beautiful location of wedding reception. Most reception venues wedding begin as monotonous rooms and only become beautiful rooms when decorations, table settings, flowers and bedding are in place.

If you are planning reception gym, learn ways to transform your gym into stunning wedding celebration that rivals best hotel ballrooms. Start by placing dance floor. There are many professional companies that specialize in flooring event and have different dancefloors options available.

Decorate Gym for Wedding

Most gyms do not allow shoes other than tennis shoes on gym floor because it can damage floor. If you plan on having dancing then you’ll want to rent and setup dance floor. Rent tables and chairs.

You can spruce up your gym by renting beautiful chairs or chair coverings. Chavari back chairs come in pretty gold or silver and classic wood finish. You may also want option of less expensive chairs, so you can rent banquet chairs and then cover chairs with chair covers.

You can rent covers in variety of fabrics and colors or rent sashes to dress up chair covers. Tie sashes in big bows or decorative knot bow. Invest in flowers.

Flowers are key to turning that gym into gorgeous explosion of beauty. You don’t have to spend lot of money either. Silk orchids make beautiful centerpieces as well as decor.

Wildflowers are reasonable option as well, filled with colors that will brighten up any drab gymnasium. Spread flowers around entire rim of head table, as well as cake table and buffet table if you have one. Decorate tables.

Choose table linens and napkins in your signature colors. Create centerpieces with flowers listed in step 3. For taller centerpieces, simply choose long-stemmed flowers and place in tall vases.

Then, place candles in varying sizes, around centerpieces to create ambiance. You may also wish to place small round or square mirror under arrangement and surround it with candles. candle flames reflect off mirrors-helping to create ambiance.

Focus on creating elegant lighting. Rent or buy white mini twinkle lights and hang them anywhere you can. String white lights through mossy greenery and hang it from metal bars on pulled up basketball backboards.

Even if you are able to have hoops electronically pulled up, backboards are often still visible. If you are unable to have them pulled up, hang lighted greenery directly through hoops themselves. Try to cover hoops as much as you can.

Keep gym lights as dim as possible, allowing light to emanate from above. You can also drape fabric, such as chiffon, from ceiling to act as drape to hide ends of gym where basketball hoops are visible. If your budget allows, you can drape walls of gym and ceiling of gym with fabric.

Rent and hang crystal chandelier in middle of gym to create feel of elegant ballroom.

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How to Decorate Gym for Wedding

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